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Why You Should Have Your Trees Inspected

WHy You should have your trees inspected

Why You Should Have Your Trees Inspected

While doing a routine property review, I found this small wound at the base of a tall white pine (see picture below). Although the wound did not look like much, we could tell there was some carpenter ant activity. This tree was over two sheds, a fence, a manicured landscape, and near a pool.  This scar was hidden behind a fence and a hedge. It was very difficult to see.  Once I brought it to the homeowners’ attention, we knew it needed to be removed.

What’s most disturbing is this small decay pocket extended 12 feet up the trunk.  It was way more hollowed out by carpenter ants than I suspected. 

This tree was an accident waiting to happen!

Tree Wound

Due to the location of the tree, we were not able to use an aerial lift or a crane.  The foreman and crew did a masterful job removing this tree by hand from a very difficult spot.  Our crews make it look easy but its not. 

zac finishing the pine removal rotated

Check out videos of how our expert teams removed this hollow white pine below.

Zip lining branches

What can you do when there’s a large tree that needs to be taken down, but it is located in a space where a crane can’t get to it? That’s when things get complicated.

Luckily, Mayer Tree Service has a team of experts ready to handle the most complicated tree service situations. Even when it means going old school and doing it all by hand!

In this first video, our expert team member, uses a zip line to take branches and limbs safely from the top of the tree to the ground with threatening anyone’s safety or property.

Incredibly difficult work that he makes look easy!


Once all the branches have been removed, the job is just getting started. Now the trunk needs to be removed!

Unfortunately, without a crane that means this giant tree needs to be cut down piece by piece. It is long, grueling, painstaking work to make sure that process is done safely and efficiently.

In this video, our expert team member shows exactly how to safely take down a large tree piece by piece.

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