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Plant Health Care program by Mayer Tree

Plant Health Care is a proactive, preventative approach to keeping trees, shrubs, and bedding plants healthy, strong, and safe from disease and pests.  The landscape of your home is an integral part of your environment and creates a sanctuary on your property.  Your trees provide necessary shade and privacy while purifying the air by filtering pollutants and releasing oxygen.  It’s worth investing in the heath and longevity of your property’s plant life.  Trees, shrubs, and bedding plants face various challenges that may interfere with their health, beauty, and life span.

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Your trees provide necessary shade and privacy while purifying the air by filtering pollutants and releasing oxygen.  It’s worth investing in the health and longevity of your property’s plant life. Trees and shrubs face various challenges that may interfere with their health, beauty, and life span.

At Mayer Tree Service, we provide multiple services to care for your trees and plants, including Insect Control, Plant Disease Management and Soil Nutrition & Quality.  Identifying pests and diseases, as well as the correct course of treatment, can be difficult unless you know exactly what to look for.  That’s where our expert arborists come in.

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There are various insects that can negatively impact a tree’s health by damaging leaves, stems, and branches.  However, not all insects on trees and shrubs are bad.  In fact, some are beneficial and help contribute to pollination and protect the tree as predators or parasites to dangerous insects. 

Our arborists are trained to identify correctly which insects are beneficial and which ones may prove harmful.

Examples of pests that threaten or damages landscape plants:

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Contrary to popular belief, ticks do not have an off-season. Even in the winter months, even is if there is snow on the ground, ticks can still be active. Although less of a threat in the winter, warm spells in cold months can cause tick activity.

Pesticides aren’t the only way to keep ticks and other non-beneficial insects away from your home, family, and pets. Some people choose to use an effective, organic cedar oil barrier spray to keep these insects under control. Our plant health care applicators have been trained in the proper use of our organic tick control to keep ticks and mosquitos in check while leaving beneficial pollinators alone.

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Proper pruning enhances the beauty of almost any tree or shrub, but improper pruning can ruin not just the look of a tree or shrub, but its health as well. In most cases not pruning at all is better than pruning improperly. 

Electric pruning has its place and is appropriate for many situations, maintaining ideal health for many plants and shrubs requires hand pruning. Pruning, like any skill, requires training, practice, and expertise. You can’t just pick up a pair of shears, start loping off branches, and hope to get ideal results. More trees are ruined each year by improper pruning than by pests. Proper pruning removes parts of the plant that is no longer required, are effective, or have no use to the plant so additional energy can be utilized for the development of flowers, fruits, and limbs that remain healthy.

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Diseases are abnormalities in trees and shrubs caused by microorganisms like fungi and bacteria.  Environmental stress, such as drought, temperature extremes and air pollution can also contribute to diseases.  There is a diverse array of naturally occurring diseases in our environment that can be detrimental or even lethal to our trees and shrubs. 

Diseases are often complicated to diagnose, as different causes can produce similar symptoms.  A certified arborist from Mayer Tree Service will detect and diagnose what disease may be present and craft a specialized program to help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and thriving. 

Some common treatments for diseased trees:

  • Sanitation—removal of infected branches and leaves to reduce the possibility of reinfection.
  • Health—if a tree is infected, it is important to help support the tree’s health with proper watering and fertilization.
  • Cultural practices — remedy conditions that promote disease, such as pruning dense growth to improve proper air circulation.
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The foundation for every plant is the soil in which it is rooted.  All plants require the correct amount of light, oxygen in the soil, water, and nutrients to thrive.  The necessary amount of nutrients will vary between types of plants and trees, the current soil conditions, and the pH of the soil.  Over time, soil nutrients and organic matter may become depleted. 

When combined with other environmental factors and stresses, growing conditions could become adverse.  It is important to look for visual signs of nutrient deficiency and regular soil testing is strongly advised.  For plants in urban and suburban soils, Mayer Tree Service can create the ideal conditions for growth and optimal health.  Prescribed treatments replenish lost nutrients and improve the soil’s bio-activity of natural fertilizers, bio-stimulants, and soil enhancers.  Mayer Tree Services can prolong the life of your trees and shrubs.

Compaction, grade changes, deicing salts, and over-mulching are other soil conditions that can negatively affect a tree’s health.  An air spade may be recommended to improve soil structure or to relieve compaction.

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Mayer Tree Service provides mosquito spraying treatments for your home to help keep your yard safe from pests. Mayer offers organic and traditional spray treatment options to suit your needs. 

West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, and other mosquito-borne diseases are a few of the threats that mosquito spraying can protect you and your family from. Treating your property will significantly reduce the mosquito and tick populations, reducing your exposure to these infectious diseases. Mosquito-spraying treatments can be effective for several weeks after the application, depending on factors including weather.

Insect Control
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See our Insect & Disease Guide

There are many insects and diseases located in Massachusetts and around our area that can have a negative effect on the health of your plants and shrubs. Mayer Tree Service has put together a guide to insects and diseases in our area to help homeowners.

Click the link below for more information.



We specialize in challenging tree removals. Our certified arborists go through extensive training in plant health care, pruning, and tree removal.

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