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Organic Tick Control in Essex, MA

ORGANIC Tick Control by Mayer Tree

If you’re worried about pests in your yard, worry no longer. Ticks can make a home in your yard while presenting a danger to you and your family, but Mayer Tree Service has a number of Organic Tick Control Treatments to get rid of ticks in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.

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Cedar Oil is Your Best Friend

It’s well known in the best control industry that cedar oil is your number one defense against any and all tick threats. You can find many different types and brands of cedar oil online, though your best bet will lie with Mayer Tree’s own custom made and specifically formulated brand of cedar oil. Our oil is carefully engineered to kill ticks and prevent any further tick populating.

Our stuff will keep ticks out of your yard wherever it’s sprayed and act as a warning against other types of pests too, such as moths. We’ll apply our cedar oil to the perimeter of your house, near any shrubbery or overgrown areas of the yard, and near damp and dark areas where ticks are known to live.

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Treat Often

If you want to maintain a safe yard throughout the spring, you can apply cedar oil yourself. The number of times you should treat your yard greatly depends on the type of pest you’re trying to eradicate. If your main enemy is ticks, the smartest thing to do will be to treat your yard at a minimum of five times during the spring season.

Ticks like to make their homes and are most active during the spring season, so stay vigilant once winter passes and before summer arrives. Once the spring has passed, you can apply your chosen treatment about every six weeks. This frequency will ensure your yard is cleared of all pests and it’s safe for you, your family, and your plants.

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Tick Signs and Trends to Heed

There are a few great ways to tell if your yard already has a problem with ticks. The most concerning sign will be piles of brush and leaves in your yard and at the edge of your property. These piles are where ticks and other yard pests like to make their home throughout the spring.

If you have overgrown or bushy areas on your property or live near a highly wooded area, you may also need to be more vigilant for ticks. Besides these, be cognizant of any dark or moist areas along the perimeter of your yard. Any place where the residue of winter sticks may be a problem.

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Always Do Tick Checks

While you can be proactive in eliminating any tick problems before they arise, you should also always do checks for ticks on yourself, your family members, and your pets after they’re done playing or being active outside.

Simply checking for any ticks is an obvious but essential part of keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. You should make sure this check is thorough; check behind your ears, in your hair, on your feet, and anywhere on your clothes these ticks may be hiding.

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Trust a Professional

You can try to control for ticks yourself, though the work is usually best done by a professional. You might be surprised to learn just how expensive it can be to maintain your yard by yourself. A gallon of tick control product may run you up to sixty-five dollars, and it will almost certainly take more than a few gallons to properly control your yard, especially throughout the spring.

You should also keep in mind that you must purchase the equipment, maintain it, and use it properly to gain the peace of mind needed when spraying for ticks yourself. You could go through all of these hassles, or you could trust the experts at Mayer Tree.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to keep your yard and surrounding area tick-free for an affordable price. If you’re worried about ticks running amuck in your yard, then act now. Visit our website or give us a call today.

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