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Our Favorite Plants For Fall Color – Our Top 15 Choices

Our Favorite Plants For Fall Color - Our Top 15 Choices

SOME OF OUR FAVORITE PLANTS FOR FALL COLORS – OUR TOP 15 CHOICES In New England, we are so lucky to have the beautiful changing leaves in the fall.  It is such a visual treat when the trees take on their fall color.  As the warm weather of summer and early fall fades the deciduous […]

Fall Plant Health Care – Our Top 12 Tips

FALL PLANT HEALTH CARE – OUR TOP 12 TIPS The arrival of fall means that green leaves give way to jewel tones, and yes, there are going to be some hours spent raking the fallen leaves from your yard in the near future. With falling leaves and barren branches it can be easy to neglect […]

Fall Tree Care – Our Top 12 Tips

FALL TREE CARE – OUR TOP 12 TIPS Trees and their leaves are one of the defining features of fall, especially in New England. They give off one final, colorful blaze of glory before going dead and dormant for the winter. If you want your trees to make it through winter to bloom again in […]

Grafted Trees – 9 Examples You’ll Want To See

GRAFTED TREES – 9 EXAMPLES YOU’LL WANT TO SEE Nurseries will use grafting as a way to produce trees.  Grafting is when you take a pencil size clipping of a plant with a great attribute and graft it onto a more generic root stock of the same genus.  This is done to create weeping plants, […]

Why You Should Have Your Trees Inspected

WHy You should have your trees inspected While doing a routine property review, I found this small wound at the base of a tall white pine (see picture below). Although the wound did not look like much, we could tell there was some carpenter ant activity. This tree was over two sheds, a fence, a manicured […]

Native Trees Under Attack

NATIVE TREES UNDER ATTACK So many of our native trees are struggling.  It is really sad to see so may tree species under attack; American elm, oaks, sugar maples, hemlocks, ash and beech. It’s especially obvious when you see an entire forest of the same trees that are dead or sick.  Whether you’re on a […]

Our Favorite Summer Flowering Trees

Our Favorite Summer Flowering Trees

OUR FAVORITE SUMMER FLOWERING TREES There are so many wonderful trees that flower in the spring but what about the summer.  Although there are a lot less trees that flower in the summer, there are a few interesting and cool plants.  Ok a couple of these flowering in late spring but hold their blooms into […]

Decay Fungi – Mushrooms on Trees

DECAY FUNGI – MUSHROOMS ON TREES All decay fungi should be considered potentially dangerous.  There are hundreds of different types. Some are more aggressive than others, causing trees to be vulnerable. If you notice mushrooms on your trees have them inspected. There are two major types decay:  Saprophyte: a plant, fungus, or microorganism that lives […]

We Hire Great People And Train Them To Be Great Arborists

ARBORIST TRAINING WE HIRE GREAT PEOPLE AND TRAIN THEM TO BE GREAT ARBORISTS You know the one complaint you never hear from managers and business owners?  I have way too many qualified, engaged, happy employees.  Unfortunately, the new competition in today’s business climate is less about market share; it’s more about recruiting and retaining employees.  […]

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