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Why Should Trees Be Pruned

Why Should Trees Be Pruned?

Trees can be very beneficial for a property, as they offer beauty, shade, and an air of serenity. However, if a tree is not pruned, it can become a liability— a liability that a person may end up paying for, in a legal sense. Like any living thing, a tree needs to be maintained to be healthy and beautiful. A proper pruning schedule will help a tree, especially a young one, thrive and develop into a strong and fruitful specimen. In addition, proper pruning will make a tree more structurally sound and attractive. If you are still on the fence wondering why a tree should be pruned, this article will tell a little about why a proper pruning schedule for your glamorous trees is so very important.

1. Helps with Tree Growth and Structure

As mentioned above, proper tree pruning is vital for tree health. When you prune a tree, it forces the tree to strengthen itself. It will produce more so-called “feeder roots” to provide energy to the tree, and the tree will produce more leaves to catch more sunlight. Pruning is used to help determine how a tree will grow, ensuring that the tree does not develop branches, twigs, or fruits that will be too heavy for the tree to bear. Proper pruning of large trees can help stabilize the tree’s structure, keeping it safe from future tornado damage, especially if the tree has a tendency to rub or bump against buildings and homes.

2. Prevention and Treatment of Disease

Proper pruning for trees can help ward off larger diseases, such as Phytophthora. Pruning lets light shine through the branches, which can prevent the overgrowth of certain species of fungus that infects the bark, causing Phytophthora. Proper pruning can also keep insect infestations, such as the Gypsy Moth, at bay. By cutting off access to the leaves, or fruit, of the tree, it will be extremely difficult for these pests to make their way onto the tree.

3. Dead Branches and Overgrowth Can Pose Risk to Your Property

Even above ground, trees can present many dangers. If there is not enough sunlight getting through to the tree, it can create dead branches. These can be dangerous to anyone walking around the area. A falling branch can be extremely dangerous, even life-threatening, to a passerby. In addition to that, a too-thick tree can push itself up against another object to its detriment. If one of your trees is beginning to press against your home, it is imperative that you get the tree professionally pruned and trimmed to ensure your safety!

4. Block View of Your Surroundings

So, while trees are great to have around, having trees that are too thick, entangled, and that block your view can also be a problem. If you are trying to enjoy the view of the lake, or the garden, or the scenery, having trees that are too big will definitely ruin the view. This alone is a good enough reason why you may want to consider professional tree trimming.

5. Encourages Fruit Production

If you have a fruit-bearing tree, it has been found that you should prune at least 10 percent of the tree’s branches, preferably once per year, to promote strong fruit growth. Fruit-bearing trees, such as apple, cherry, pear, and peach trees, need their fruit-bearing limbs pruned so they can receive adequate sunlight. Your tree limbs will only ever grow so big, so it is important to prune them, so your tree can grow to its full potential.

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  1. It got me interested when you said that tree pruning can improve fruit production and enhance the tree’s structure and growth. This is helpful because I want the tall trees around my property to grow healthier for my senior parents and two kids. I am hoping to find tree pruning professionals on Tuesday who can do the job within four days and also remove dead branches that can affect the trees’ overall health.

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