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We’re all a little stubborn, and we all think that we can do household and yard chores well, even if we’re faced with a daunting task that might require professional intervention. So, if you need to trim and prune your trees, you might be thinking: I can do it myself! However, maintaining a property and a yard isn’t easy, so it’s always a good idea to get professional help. 

The truth is, professional tree trimming and pruning are worth the cost. To help you understand why professional tree trimming and pruning is so vital, we’re going to walk you through several reasons why it’s important to enlist a professional to care for your trees because the cost will save you in the long run.

What is Tree Trimming and Pruning?

Before we discuss why you should call in a professional to help with trimming and pruning your trees, it is important to understand what tree trimming and pruning are. To put it simply, tree trimming and pruning is the process of removing overgrown branches from your trees, to promote tree growth and improve your trees’ appearance. When trees are left to grow, without intervention, they’re going to become unruly, and not only is this bad for a tree’s health, but it is also bad for the tree’s appearance. So, to remedy any growth problems and to ensure curb appeal, trimming and pruning trees is necessary. 

For a great video on how to prune a tree from professional arborist, check out this great video from Strider Trees.

Why Should I Get My Trees Trimmed and Pruned by a Professional?

It Saves You Money

It might seem strange to think that calling a professional will save you money, because if you trim and prune your trees yourself, then you won’t have to pay someone to perform the service. However, when you consider the costs of renting equipment and the costs of any damages that come with an insufficient trimming and pruning job, then it makes sense that calling a professional is cheaper. 

Everyone dreads the prospect of a tree falling down on their home or a neighbor’s home, and if you trim and prune your trees yourself, you risk causing damage to your trees, which might cause them to fall on a powerline, another person, or another home, later. It is always better to keep your trees well maintained, to prevent future issues, and to do this, it is best to have routine trimming and pruning done by professionals. 

It is Safer 

As we discussed, improperly trimmed and pruned trees are liable to fall down, which can hurt other people. However, you can also hurt yourself, when you’re trimming and pruning trees as a novice. Because you’re not versed in the equipment that you’re using, it is possible that you might hurt yourself, when pruning and trimming. So, to be safe, it is best to call in professionals, so that you don’t have any accidents with long-lasting ramifications. 

You’ll Have Fewer Bugs in Your Yard

With overgrown trees, come many pests and bugs. If you enlist a professional, they’ll know how to adequately take care of your trees, so that any nesting bugs are removed properly. Oftentimes, bugs and pests will nest in places that are hard to see, so if you have someone handling your tree pruning and trimming who is experienced, they can ensure that you won’t have any pesky bugs lingering around your property, by eliminating any dead wood, unnecessary branches, or hidden nests. 

Your Tree’s Blooms and Growth Will Improve

If we had to guess, we would assume that you aren’t privy to the species of every tree in your yard. Even if you’re interested in trees and the specifics of each species, there’s a chance you don’t know everything about trees and their needs. That’s okay—because that’s what professionals are for! 

Since every tree is different, every tree has different needs that need to be met, to ensure it will bloom and grow at its optimum rate. If your trees are cared for regularly, by a tree trimming and pruning professional, then their growth and their blooms will improve. So, if you’re wondering why your trees aren’t blooming, or why your trees’ growth seems to be stagnant, then bringing in professional tree trimmers, might be a good solution. 

 Your Yard Will Have More Natural Light

Although trees are great for providing shade, sometimes it is a good thing for trees to be trimmed, so that they won’t provide too much shade. Yes, it is great for a tree to shade our home or our driveway, but some things shouldn’t be shaded. For example, if you have a thriving garden in your yard, you’re going to want to ensure that it is getting adequate sunlight. So, a tree pruning and trimming professional knows how to create the optimum amount of natural light, considering the trees that you have in your yard. This way, you can have more sunlight, without forgoing your trees’ health or a little bit of shade in the right places. 

Plus, another perk of trimming and pruning your trees, is that you’ll have more warmth in your yard because with shade, comes lower temperatures. 

It’ll Boost Your Curb Appeal

Even if you think you can successfully prune and trim your trees, it is undeniable that professionals have the experience that is necessary to beautify your yard. It takes a lot of attention to detail and experience, to ensure that your trees are pruned in a way that takes into account cosmetic details, and although this might seem minor, curb appeal is incredibly important if you’re trying to sell your home or have people over to your home.

We’re sure that you have beautiful trees in your yard, so why wouldn’t you want them to look the best that they can? If you call in a professional, you can ensure that your trees will be as beautiful and as well maintained as possible.

Your Home Will Be More Accessible

Sometimes, when your trees are not properly trimmed and pruned, there might be branches that fall and block driveways, sidewalks, decks, stairs, and more. To avoid obstructions around your home, it is best to prevent any fallen branches that could affect the quality of life for your family and for surrounding pedestrians. Beyond accessibility issues around your home, fallen branches can physically hit your roof and siding, which can cause problems to your home itself. Either way, it is best to avoid this, by having a professional regularly trim and prune your trees. 

It is Better for the Environment

When trees are not taken care of, they might have large canopies, that could hinder the growth of other trees. Beyond this, when trees have branches that are unkempt at the top of their trunks, the branches towards the bottom of their trunks, might not have access to the light that they need to survive. So, to ensure that every tree and plant in your yard is growing as it should be, it is important to make sure that you are maintaining the branches of every tree properly, which requires professional help. 

It’s Necessary for New Trees

When you’re planting new trees, or when your yard has new trees in it, it is almost impossible for beginner tree trimmers to do an adequate job, because a new tree’s initial trimming and pruning trains the tree to grow a certain way. So, if you make a mistake on a tree that was just planted, you’re setting a new tree up for failure, because it won’t grow properly.  

You’ll Have a Better View

Although trees are beautiful, there are other things in your yard that your trees might be blocking, so to optimize your view, it is best to keep your trees well-trimmed and pruned. Regardless of if you’re trying to get a better view of a body of water on your property or a better view of your family spending time outdoors, it is important to have a good view of your yard for many reasons—for safety and for pleasure, being two. 

Final Thoughts on Why Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning Is Worth The Cost

We know that you care about your property, your yard, and the health of your trees. So, although it is tempting to attempt to trim and prune your trees yourself, to ensure that you’re giving your trees the best chance at a healthy life, it is best to leave maintaining your trees to a professional. 

Mayer Tree Service wants to help, so if you have any questions about the importance of professional tree trimming, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is equipped with the best in the industry, and we’re eager to get to the bottom of whatever concerns that you have, about your trees. Contact us, today! 

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  1. I like that you talked about how it is best to call in professionals to be safe so that you don’t have any accidents with long-lasting ramifications. The trees in our backyard do not look good anymore, so I think we need to have them serviced now. So, I’ll try to make some time this weekend and call for tree pruning services.

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