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Top 10 Benefits of Commercial Tree Service

Proper tree care can provide benefits such as water conservation and reduced risk of property damage.  Here are the top benefits of commercial tree service.

Beautiful, healthy trees can enhance the image of your property and increase its value.  Landscaping plays a critical role in creating that all-important first impression for patrons, customers, and neighbors of your business.  Hiring a professional arborist can help you maintain a natural landscape that is both eco-friendly and professionally appealing.

An experienced commercial tree service specializes in providing quality tree care for businesses.  This includes large trees, complex landscapes, and extensive grounds.  While tree trimming and removal are essential services, a professional arborist can also help you plan the layout of your landscape, help you choose the right trees for your environment, and maintain the optimum health of your trees.

Let’s look at the top 10 ways a commercial tree service can benefit your business.

1. Diagnosing sick trees and disease prevention

A good arborist isn’t just concerned with dead trees. Healthy tree growth and prevention is the goal. Pests, infestations, and diseased trees can quickly turn a thriving landscape into an urgent problem. Learn to recognize the signs of unhealthy trees to prevent problems before they occur.  

Keep on the lookout for leaning trees, sagging branches, and broken and dead branches, especially if they overhang a building structure, pedestrian walkway, or parking lot.

Sometimes trees can be a nesting area for invasive pests that can become a nuisance.  An arborist can recommend safe and effective pest control that will not harm your landscape.

Signs of a diseased tree may include the following:

  • Trunks that show vertical cracks, missing bark, or dead bark.
  • Branches that lose their leaves in season.
  • Roots that are weak or cause a tree to lean.
Here’s a great video from the Maine Forest Service with pathologist Aaron Berghdal about diagnosing diseases and disorders in trees.

2. Tree trimming

Regular pruning of tree limbs creates a tidy landscape and makes trees fare better in storms, suffer less damage, and shed fewer limbs and leaves.  However, important differences exist between branches that require trimming versus pruning.  Trimming cuts away parts of the tree to encourage it to grow in a healthy manner and results in a clean appearance.  Pruning is used to remove dead branches and material that could negatively affect the health of the tree overall.  Therefore, accurately assessing the health of tree limbs and removing them if necessary is vital to prevent further damage and disease.

3. Landscaping and planning

Your landscaping makes an impression on customers and visitors to your business. Therefore, the ascetic of your property can be just as important outdoors as indoors. Because your landscape is a growing project, careful planning is needed to achieve your desired results.

Like all projects, your landscape will benefit from careful preparation.  You will need to consider the space required for any other trees or expansions to your landscape well in advance. 

A professional arborist can help you create the look you want to match the needs of your business environment.

4. Tree removal 

We all know that diseased trees can be hazardous.  Dead trees can lose limbs unexpectedly, collapse during a storm, fall into power lines, or worse.  In addition, cracked trees, leaning trees, and trees with broken or hanging branches can all be a problem.  Because removing trees like this requires special handling and equipment, hiring a professional tree service becomes a requirement.  

In addition, it may become necessary to transplant trees. For example, you may need to relocate a tree because you are expanding your facility, you may need to remove a tree that has grown too large for its current space, or create a new landscape design.

Good prevention and maintenance with an experienced tree consultant can help you avoid disasters and plan upcoming changes accordingly.

5. Risk mitigation

As a business owner, liability is always a concern.  Hiring the services of a professional commercial tree expert is an important part of ensuring that your property and grounds are safe at all times.  

You may need emergency tree service if you have an unstable tree, a tree that has fallen after a storm, or a tree that has come too close to a power line.  Working with a specialist can prevent a severe event like a power outage or electrocution.

6. Maintenance

An arborist will assist you in maintaining and promoting optimum tree health to ensure that all trees under their care are vibrant, leafy, beautiful, and strong.  Outside of trimming and pruning, a tree expert can assist you with watering needs and promoting healthy growth for newly planted and younger trees.  Some trees may require special care during their early stages.  Planning, planting, and maintaining young tree growth is important to protect your investment and ensure that all of your trees will develop into maturity.

7. Root growth control

Tree root growth can damage pavement causing unsightly and hazardous cracks. In addition, underground piping can rupture, causing extensive flooding and property damage.  Tree roots can even infiltrate a building’s foundation, which is often an ongoing and hidden issue for many properties with large trees.

Unwanted root growth can be redirected with the help of a skilled tree technician, protecting your business from any threats to the underground structure of your facility.

If you’d like to see an animation that illustrates how roots grow, check out the video below.

8. Water resource management

Choosing the proper tree for your environment can reduce watering needs and control stormwater runoff.  If you have trees on your property, water management and its associated costs will need to be carefully considered by an experienced professional.  Depending on where you live and the type of trees you care for, local water restrictions may be a factor in proper tree planning and management.

9. Airflow, shading, and light

There are some obvious benefits to having trees on your property.  The shade from trees offers increased cooling and lower solar radiation, reducing ground temperatures by as much as twenty-five degrees. Trees can block harsh winds and provide air filtration, increasing oxygen and air purity.  In addition, trees can shield an area from excessive noise, such as a nearby freeway.

Tree canopies can block out sunlight during the day and filter moonlight at night.  But you wouldn’t want your property too dark in the evening, leading to potential safety concerns.

With the help of a tree professional, you can create a balance of dark and light to make sure your property is properly

illuminated at night and shaded during the day.

10. Increase property value

By upgrading the landscape of your property, you are investing in your business, surrounding grounds, and your brand and image.  An experienced commercial tree expert can work with you to ensure you always work within your budget.  By some estimates, landscaping can increase property values by as much as 15%, making it a sound investment.

A clean, professional-looking landscape is good for business.  Your landscape, your facility, and the surrounding grounds will make a lasting impression on clients and visitors.  A professional commercial tree service can help you maximize your green space, increase the aesthetic value of your property, and provide a safe and beautiful setting for your business.

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