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‍Salem Witch Village

If you’re not sure what to expect from a trip to Salem, Massachusetts, it’s best to start with the Salem Witch Museum. This museum is open from mid-April through Thanksgiving. For those who like to learn about the town’s history, the museum is a must. The museum tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials with great drama. The museum also points out that the tale has become more than just a series of transcripts.It is located at 282 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970.

The museum is set in the Salem Witch Trials, and you can even witness the executions that were held at the Gallows Hills. The museum also has a performance based on the 1692 transcripts, performed by professional actresses in repertory. If you’re not sure what to expect from the museum, try a combo ticket, which includes the tour and the Main Show. Find more information here.

Another museum in Salem is the New England Pirate Museum. While many museums focus on the horrors of pirates, this one avoided gratuitous gore and instead had walking-through exhibits filled with fascinating historical information. For example, pirates raised pirate flags, not necessarily the classic skull and crossbones. Pirates were so common in Salem, in fact, that the town hired a pirate named Captain Kidd to guard the area against Blackbeard. The museum also contains pirate artifacts, including a pirate flag.

The Salem Witch Museum is one of the most popular places to learn about the Salem Witch Trials. In addition to educating visitors about the history of witchcraft, visitors can also learn about the House of Seven Gables, which inspired the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel of the same name. The museum features authentic elements of the Seven Gables house as well as details from the novel. Next article here.

Another great reason to visit the Salem Witch Village is to learn about the Salem Witch Trials. The museum is located near the Old Burying Point Cemetery and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial. There are also plenty of other local attractions that you can visit while you’re in Salem. Consider getting a combination pass to enjoy more of the city.

The Witch House, which is the oldest remaining building in Salem, was once home to Judge Jonathan Corwin. Corwin was a prominent figure in the Salem Witch Trials and served on the court that tried and convicted many of the accused witches. Although the Witch House was nearly destroyed in 1944, it was rebuilt and opened to the public in 1948. Its seventeenth century architecture is beautiful and the museum offers excellent tours.

If you’re visiting Salem, don’t miss the Phillips Library. It is one of the few places open to the public in the town. The visitor center’s map doesn’t show the location of the library, so you’ll need to find it on your own. It is staffed by Wiccan practitioners, who will explain the history of the Salem Witch Trials. The library is open year-round and has extended hours during the summer and autumn.



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