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Witch Dungeon Museum

The Witch Dungeon Museum is an immersive experience that takes visitors back in time to the days of the Salem witch trials. It is located at 16 Lynde St, Salem, MA 01970. The museum reenacts the 1692 witchcraft trial where over 150 people were tried and 19 were executed. The exhibit includes wax figures of the accused, as well as a hanging tree. You’ll also get a chance to see a trial transcript read by a real prosecutor. More.

The museum features the only remaining building from the Salem Witch Trials. Inside, you’ll discover the history of the trial, strange remedies, and superstition. You’ll also see artifacts and special effects made by world-renowned artists. You can even take a candlelight tour on certain Thursday nights. There are also special programs and rotating exhibits.

The dungeon rooms are recreated from archaeological digs at the site of the original dungeon. It’s estimated that hundreds of people were imprisoned in coffin cells during the paranoia of the time. Some of the dungeon rooms depict scenes from the witch trials. Fortunately, only one person was convicted of witchcraft – Giles Corey. Discover more here.

While the Witch Dungeon is quite campy, it’s definitely worth the visit. Combine your visit with the New England Pirate Museum and Witch History Museum for a truly immersive experience. Tickets to both attractions cost $10 per adult and $9 for seniors. The Witch Dungeon is open daily from 10:00am to 5pm.

The Witch Dungeon Museum is one of the more family-friendly attractions in Salem. While it’s dated and kitschy, it’s fun to see and explore during Halloween. The museum is seasonal, but its extended hours make it one of the most enjoyable Halloween attractions in Salem. And because the museum is open on weekends, it’s a good place to go with children during the month of October.



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