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Our Favorite Summer Flowering Trees


There are so many wonderful trees that flower in the spring but what about the summer.  Although there are a lot less trees that flower in the summer, there are a few interesting and cool plants.  Ok a couple of these flowering in late spring but hold their blooms into summer

Summer Flowering Trees - Mimosa Albrizia Julibrissen

This tree leaf’s out late in the season and its winter appearance can be of course but its fly-fishing lure-type flowers are a show stopper in bloom. 

Native to Iran or central China

Golden Rain Tree Koleruteria Paniculate

A very neat medium size tree with yellow blooms in July.  The fruit looks like paper lanterns and will persist into the winter.  A great tree for anyone especially people who love yellow.

Japanese Stewartia Stewartia Pseudocamellia

One of the most popular ornamental trees.  Wonderful camellia type blossoms in late June into mid-July.   It usually has wonderful fall color and amazing bark which gives this tree several seasons of beauty.

Japanese Tree Lilac Syringa Reticulata

A great trouble-free small to medium tree with cherry-like bark.  Great white blooms late in the spring linger into the summer.

Kousa Dogwood, Cornus Kousa

Another low maintenance small to medium ornamental tree.  It flowers after the leaves emerge in June and the white flower bracts can persist on some plants for a month.  Really showy when in bloom.  It has red fruit in the fall and wonderful exfoliating bark that gives this plant year round beauty like the stewartia.

Franlinia Franklinia Alatamaha

A wonderful small tree that blooms late in the summer and it also has beautiful red fall color.  Occasionally it will still be blooming with its fall color.  This plant is finicky and can be hard to grow.  That’s the reason it is not seen more often. However, because of this trees story and beauty it’s too important not to mention.

Rose of Sharon Hibiscuss Syriacus

This is really more of a large shrub than a tree.  However, because of the combination of late summer bloom time and the variety of flower colors, we had to include them.

This is a number of flowers put together to show the range of flower colors. This is not one plant


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