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Essex, Massachusetts, is a town on the coast about 26 miles north of Boston and 13 miles south of Newburyport. The town is known for its history as a shipbuilding center. The population was 3,675 as of the 2020 census. Residents of the town enjoy beaches, parks, and a variety of other amenities.

The median household income in Essex, MA is $126,328. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of uninsured individuals was 1.8% lower in 2020 than it was in 1999. However, income inequality among whites and blacks in Essex, MA was significantly higher than in other U.S. cities. More information about Essex here.

The town of Essex is situated on the coast in Essex County, Massachusetts, about 26 miles north of Boston and 13 miles south of Newburyport. It is a historic shipbuilding center, but its population has decreased in recent years. As of the 2010 census, the population of Essex was 3,675. The town is home to several universities and colleges.

The town is also home to several historical attractions, such as the Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum. The four-part museum includes an orientation center, waterline center, shipyard, and central schoolhouse. The museum includes pieces of machinery and tools used during the maritime industry. There are also a number of antique shops in the town, so there is something to interest everyone.

The history of Essex, Massachusetts, dates back to the colonial era. It was originally part of Ipswich, but a few years later, the town was incorporated into Essex. It was named Essex by two hundred and six men who petitioned the Massachusetts Legislature to be incorporated. The town was incorporated on Feb. 5, 1819.

Records of births, marriages, and deaths can be found in the town’s church records. There are also cemetery inscriptions and entries in family bibles. Some of these records may include the parents’ maiden names. For these, the abbreviations can be found on the transcription pages. The site also offers a general guide to use this resource. Another article about Essex here.

The majority of people in Essex, MA commute to work by car. The majority of residents commute under half an hour, while a slightly higher percentage commute over 45 minutes. Many residents of Essex, MA attend college. This means that they have a high level of education. They also tend to have a high level of income.

Essex MA’s history dates back to the Middle Ages. The Saxons had a strong presence in the area. The first known king of the East Saxons, Sledd, founded a kingdom around 500. However, the early kings were pagan. They traced their lineage back to the god Seaxneat.

Essex, Massachusetts was home to William the Conqueror, who was based in the region. This king had several castles in the area. During the Middle Ages, the Essex area was a refuge for the elite. The thirteenth century saw the construction of Hadleigh Castle.

Point of Interest #1 John’s Farmstand, 105 Southern Ave, Essex, MA 01929

Point of Interest #2 Warren Weld Woodland, 82 Apple St, Essex, MA 01929

Point of Interest #3 Melene Kent Jewels, 13 Lowland Farm Rd, Essex, MA 01929


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