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Located in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts, the town of Essex, Massachusetts, has a population of around 1.7k. Almost all residents are citizens of the United States, with only 1.24% of them born outside of the country. Residents of Essex MA are primarily White (Non-Hispanic), although there are a few residents of African descent.

There are many attractions in Essex, from antique shops to quaint seafood restaurants. If you are interested in shipbuilding, you may wish to visit the Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum. This museum is comprised of four distinct exhibit areas, including a central schoolhouse, shipyard, and orientation center. Each section showcases a different aspect of shipbuilding. You will be able to see many of the tools and machinery used in the process, as well as the history of the industry in the town.

Essex’s town history dates back to the early 17th century. Before it was incorporated, it was part of the town of Ipswich. Before that, it was referred to as Chebacco Parish. The first European settlers arrived in the town of Essex in 1634, but the land was already populated by Native Americans from the Agawam tribe. The name Chebacco derives from these Native Americans and is a reference to the nearby lake, the Chebacco. In 1819, two hundred and six men petitioned the Massachusetts Legislature for incorporation, and the town was named Essex. Next article.

The town was formerly administered by justices of the peace. The justices of the peace were appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant based on reputation. Their duties included overseeing the poor laws, setting the County Rate, and administering county prisons. This work was carried out through quarterly sessions and was voluntary.

One of the oldest houses in Essex is the Old Church. The house was originally a two-family dwelling, but it was later converted into a three-family home. Its two chimneys are characteristic of town houses of the early nineteenth century, and its central entrance is framed by a large mantel. The house also has a large fireplace with a high mantel and hearth.

Essex has been populated since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, the Saxons lived in this region and founded the Saxon kingdom. The earliest known kings of the East Saxons were called Sledd, who ruled from 527. The early kings were Pagan and traced their lineage back to Woden and Seaxneat, two of the Saxon gods. A great post.

The county of Essex is located in the region of South-East England. Its total area is 828 square miles (2140 km2). This includes land and water. The area is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Gulf of Maine to the east, and the Massachusetts Bay. Essex County also borders Suffolk County to the south and Middlesex County to the west. It is home to Cape Ann, the North Shore, and the lower Merrimack Valley.

Point of Interest #1 John D Cushing Antique Restoration, 113 Martin St, Essex, MA 01929

Point of Interest #2 Forget-Me-Not Garden Services, 78 Western Ave, Essex, MA 01929

Point of Interest #3 Googans Galley, 1 Martin St, Essex, MA 01929


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