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7 Important Signs You Need Professional Tree Removal


Imagine you’re scanning your lot. You see the gorgeous flowers you just planted, the beautiful grass that’s perfectly cut and aerated, your homes glistening in the sunlight, then your scan a little more and come to an ugly, dead, or just unhealthy tree.

it’s all that you can focus on.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many homes and businesses. 

If you were to take a drive around your neighborhood to check out the lawn and homes. You would notice that nearly every home has a tree in the yard. That tree can be beautiful and really compliment the yard, or it can be an eye sore and make you think “man that trees gotta go”.

A dead or dying tree can pose a real threat to you and your property. Removing it can be a big, complicated job that you shouldn’t try to handle on your own.

In this article, we’re reviewing the 7 important signs that you need professional tree removal. If any of your trees have any of these issues, contact us and one of our experts can help you determine the best way to remove your tree.


The Tree is Dead

No matter how beautiful and strong it seems, like all things in life eventually, every tree will die. If your tree is losing leaves and hasn’t bloomed in a year or two, it’s most likely dead or dying.

More often than not you know a dead or dying tree when you look at it. If the tree looks dry, rotted, or decayed, it is time to have it looked at by a professional.

Dead trees can be incredibly dangerous. A tree removal service can evaluate and remove the tree to ensure the task is done safely. 

How can you tell if your tree is dead or dying? Check out this great video from Leaf & Limb for some great tips.

Root Decay

Root decay is exactly what it sounds like. When the roots of a once healthy tree start to decay and die. The roots are typically seen as the biggest indicator of whether or not a tree should be removed. If the roots are decaying, the tree isn’t stable.

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of high winds knocking over trees into yards, onto fences, or homes. That’s a risk that you assume by allowing trees with root decay to stay in your yard. A tree removal service should be called immediately if you see a tree has root decay. The professional tree service will be able to confirm root decay and advise the homeowner on whether or not the tree needs to be removed. Click here to view several examples of root decay.

One common tell of a tree with root decay is that the tree is leaning one way or the other. This occurs because, much like a building, when the base and stability start to go, a tree is at risk of falling.

Another reason to call a tree removal service is if the roots are out of the ground and sticking up. This can be dangerous to people walking in the yard or doing lawn work in the yard. Contact a Mayer Tree Service for any and all root issues.

Proximity to your home

Trees that are too close to your home could be in need of immediate service from a tree removal company. While the shade a tree offers your home is great for controlling your home’s energy efficiency if the tree is healthy, when the tree is not healthy, the risk is not worth the reward.

If your roof is constantly scattered with leaves and branches, then chances are your tree is too close to your home. Start by having a professional trim the limbs and branches. 

Wind gusts can snap loose branches free. If your trees are too close to your home, then chances are those loose branches are hitting your house and causing damage. It’s very common for a branch or tree to cause enough damage to a roof that it needs to be repaired. If a tree is too close to your home, contact Mayer Tree Service to have one of our arborists take a look and let you know if it is safe, needs branches trimmed or needs to be removed.

The Tree is Already Down

If you have a large property, chances are there is a tree or two that’s already fallen. Or maybe you’ve been busy and haven’t had time to take care of the tree since it isn’t hitting your power lines, structures, or other trees on your property. A downed tree can still be a hazard to you and your family.

Fallen trees shouldn’t be left laying around on your property. Fallen trees create a danger on your property. Fallen trees are homes to animals like skunks and raccoons. The last thing you need or want are animals like skunks making homes in the downed trees on your property. 

Holes in the Tree Trunks

Much like the dead roots, if you see holes or cavities in the lower half of your tree, then chances are it’s not as stable as it once was. Cavities and holes are a clear sign of a tree in distress. This could mean that the tree’s roots are also going or that it is dying.

Another clear tell that a tree is sick is an abundance of mushrooms and fungus on the trunk. Mushrooms and fungus can be a risk to children on your property. Additionally, household pets are at risk of being poisoned by fungus or mushrooms.

Here’s a great article from the University of Connecticut Extension on Tree Trunk Holes.

Our expert arborists will be able to tell you if your tree is healthy or if it needs to be removed. They’ll ensure that your household pets aren’t at risk, and if required, they’ll remove the tree before it harms anyone or falls. 

There are some ways to treat and support trees that have been damaged by rot and have holes in their trunks. In the video below a team of arborists from Murfreesboro, TN attempt to save a historic sugar maple.

Intertwined Branches 

Another sign to call a professional tree removal service is when you see branches rubbing together and getting intertwined. Tangled branches on your trees leave them open to infections and disease. Intertwined branches are more likely to get debris stuck in them. 

Typically, tree removal services will start with trimming the affected branches and determining if a tree needs to be entirely removed or just cleaned up. This problem in trees is usually more challenging to spot and often requires a tree removal service to determine the extent of the issue.

Longitudinal Cracks

Tree bark can sometimes make it exceptionally difficult to tell if your tree is healthy or not. If your tree has long cracks running up and down its trunk then it is probably in poor health. Often these cracks will be located in-between two of the larger branches. 

If a heavy storm or winds come through the area, there is a good chance that your tree won’t be able to withstand the pressure and could crack. If it breaks the tree, it could lead to severe property damage.

As a safety measure, it’s recommended that a tree removal service is called to check out any trees with long longitudinal cracks.

Smaller trees, trees that aren’t close to homes or trees that aren’t damaged too badly by a split can sometimes be saved or supported and don’t need to be removed. In the video below, a professional arborist demonstrates how he was able to save a smaller tree that split. He was able to save it, but it will always be weakened and requires a lot of work to heal the tree. For larger trees, trees that are close to a home and badly damaged trees, we recommend removing the tree.


These are a few of the more common reasons trees need to be removed by professionals. However, these aren’t all the reasons, and if there is a question then a tree removal service should be consulted to ensure a tree is safe and healthy. Your trees should be regularly inspected and looked over to ensure they aren’t a danger. 

Broken, sick, and fallen trees are a threat to your property and your family. Trying to remove a tree on your own can be a dangerous undertaking. If you have noticed any of these 7 Important Signs You Need Professional Tree Removal on your property, give the experts at Mayer Tree Service a call and we can take a look at your tree and evaluate it’s safety.

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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how a dead or dying tree could pose a real threat to you and your property. A tree in our backyard is now dead and I think we need to have it removed before it causes any accidents. So for that, I’ll call a tree removal expert next weekend.

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