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Winter is a magical time. A time for snow days, cozy warm fires, and hot chocolate. It’s also the best time for a tree inspection. 

While tree inspections may not be the first thing on your mind when you think about the winter, they should be. Though many people think that the winter would be a bad time to have their trees inspected, it’s actually a great time. 

Taking care of your trees any time of the year is important. Managing and maintaining your trees leads to long life and good health. With regular inspections, you can even catch beginning problems with your trees before they become huge issues. 

At Mayer Tree Service, we recommend having your trees inspected in the winter. Here are five reasons why: 

1. Trees don’t have leaves

In the winter, most trees are bare. They begin to lose their leaves in the fall as a way to prepare for the winter months when they must conserve energy and continue in root development. Once the leaves are off the tree, the tree is fully exposed. This makes it easy for arborists to get a complete and unobstructed look at the tree’s condition.

Without leaves, arborists can find cracks, decay cavities, and splits that are in the trunk or on the branches. Examining the tree becomes much easier for the arborists, and dead or declining parts are easily identified.

There are multiple things that arborists are looking for when they inspect a tree. Along with dead, cracked, or decayed parts, they are also checking for any branch attachments that are weakening, damage to the bark, and infestations of insects. In fact, without leaves on the tree, it’s easy to spot egg masses that would otherwise be hidden amongst the canopy.

Examining trees without being hindered by foliage provides a much easier way for arborists to discover and diagnose problems in order to provide the necessary care. Egg masses can be uncovered and taken care of before they hatch and turn into an infestation. Diseases can be treated before they spread too far and cause irreparable damage. Other issues can be tended to before they cause further issues for the tree.

With clear branches and trunks, arborists have a bare view of what they are inspecting, making it much easier for them to accurately diagnose issues and determine the right course of care.

2. Dormant insects and diseases are easier to diagnose

Winter temperatures cause trees to fall into a dormant state. This includes everything living in the tree, including insects and diseases. When things fall dormant to get a good rest over the winter, arborists have an easier time diagnosing these issues and planning out the right treatment. In fact, many times arborists can actually treat insects and diseases before they wake up.

Taking advantage of the quiet and rest of the winter is one of the best ways to diagnose and treat any problems with your trees. Instead of waiting until trees are back with full foliage, as well as wide awake organisms and ecosystems, hire the arborists at Mayer Tree Service to get to the bottom of any issues and take care of your trees during the winter.

3. Less damage to surrounding plants

Any work such as pruning is best done when the tree is dormant. This is because arborists can get a better look at things and provide the best care possible. Not only will pruning be done as effectively as possible, less damage to other plants will also occur.

Through pruning, falling branches and limbs are known to cause damage to surrounding plants. However, in the winter these plants are also dormant, making them less prone to damage. Having trees inspected and worked on in the winter is much safer and more effective.

4. Arborists aren’t as busy

Even though winter is the best time to have your trees inspected, most people don’t aren’t aware. They tend to hire arborists in the spring and summer, which they assume is the right time. This means that during those warmer months, arborists are booked. In the winter, however, they have less work scheduled and will likely be available when you are ready.

By planning on hiring arborists during the winter, you will be able to hire them on a more flexible schedule. Instead of having to plan your schedule around the arborists, you will have a much greater chance of choosing a time that works best for you. You’ll get the full attention of your team of arborists as they are less likely to be overworked during the winter. This ensures top-notch tree service and care.

5. Time to plan and budget

When the Mayer Tree Service arborists inspect trees, they diagnose problems and prepare a treatment plan. Depending on the treatment and care that your trees need, you may need time to plan and budget.

When your trees are diagnosed in the winter, things are essentially paused. Diseases and insects are dormant. Rot and poor growth slows. This gives you time to budget and make a plan for care instead of being rushed in the spring or summer to take care of problems right away. By getting your trees inspected in the winter, you are giving yourself time to prepare for any necessary treatments.


Though it may seem strange, winter is truly the best time to have your trees inspected by the arborists at Mayer Tree Service. Your trees will be bare and easy to inspect, problems such as infestations and diseases will be dormant, the arborists will be less busy, and you won’t have to rush to get issues taken care of.

While you’re drinking hot chocolate by the fire this winter, don’t forget to give Mayer Tree Service a call. Your trees will thank you.

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