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Chebacco Woods

People in the greater Boston area have long enjoyed this natural space. It’s a large greenspace filled with deciduous and evergreen trees by the thousands as well as two big ponds that provide even more recreation for visitors. The trail system through these woods is impressive both in its extensive size and the fact that the trails are so well maintained. There are trails that wind through the forest and connect to tails located on the property of Gordon College. Next article.

Many people love the trails that are located next to the ponds for their scenic beauty as well as their impressive width and smooth surfaces. There’s a lot to see along the trails, and visitors get to see plenty of wildlife as well as a wide range of trees and plants. Even fish call the woods home. These woods are a well-kept secret that is enjoyed by local residents but not well known outside the area. 

Activities for Visitors

There is plenty of space for walking and hiking in these woods as well as a range of other activities. Many people also engage in mountain biking. There is even horseback riding that happens in Chebacco. The ponds, Gravelly Pond and Round Pond, are also home to a number of activities including fishing and boating in non-motorized boats. There is no swimming in the ponds allowed. There are no motorized vehicles allowed in these woods, so it’s perfect for family activities without worrying about cars or motorbikes. More.

Visiting Chebacco Woods

It’s free to visit these woods for all of the allowed activities. To get there, go to Hamilton’s Essex Street and turn on Chebacco Road. The entrance to the woods is on the west side of the road with a sign there to guide you. The space there is enough for eight or nine vehicles, though there is other parking available at Gordon College. 

There are trails on the property that are a century old, and there are enormous trees that have been growing for perhaps longer. There are oaks and white pine trees that are 100 feet tall in these woods. There is plenty of wildlife to see, including owls, many bird species, salamanders, fish, deer, foxes, and many other species. 

The area is highly important to the ecology of the area with a delicate ecosystem that is connected to the local environments and the groundwater in the area. The woods are a part of the 3,600-acre Chebacco watershed. For more than a century, many areas of these woods have stayed untouched and only seen by those traveling through to see the sights. It still contains trails that were the old carriage roads that people used more than 100 years ago. These woods are also nice and quiet, being large enough to be undisturbed by road and city noise. 

For people who want to get away from the city and feel like they’re far away from the modern world, these woods are ideal for their beauty and silence. 



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