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Castle Hill on the Crane Estate

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate was a place that was called Agawam by the indigenous people who fished in the area. It existed for a time as an agricultural holding before Castle Hill Farm was created as a gentleman’s farm in the 1880s. The roadways were improved, and the farmhouse was renovated into a cottage that is now called The Inn at Castle Hill. 

The Great House

In 1910, the land was purchased by Richard T. Crane, Jr., an industrialist from Chicago. He had a villa built at the crest of the hill as he continued to work with architects to create something magnificent on the site. He worked with David Adler, an architect of world renown, to create the design for the new house that would be built on the site. 

In 1928, the small villa on the site was replaced by the Great House. The Great House is a mansion deigned in Stuart style. It has 59 rooms and is situated on the 2,100-acre estate that is located on the seaside. This house is located above Crane Beach, and it is an amazing facility for celebrations and other functions with its stunning scenery and richly designed building. It has a manicured lawn a half mile long called The Grande Allée. The house is located right on the crest of Castle Hill, it has stunning views of the ocean. The entire 165 acres of Castle Hill, including The Great House, are protected as a National Historic Landmark. 

The Barn

The Barn is situated right at the base of Castle Hill, and it allows for amazing views of the woodlands on the property, the tidal rivers and the breathtaking salt marshes. The barn is historic and designed in an Italian style. It has an interior made of posts and beams, and the walls are terra-cotta. The roof is made with charming green tile. It also has a vegetable garden where stone towers and a romantic lattice meet with wrought-iron gates just above the estate’s salt marsh. 

Steep Hill Beach

This beachfront is a relaxed space that is popular for social events and gatherings as well as corporate outings. It’s a beautiful area that allows the Atlantic Ocean to provide fun and scenery to anyone who visits it. It includes The South Lawn, an area that has direct beach access. The area has a border lined with trees that give visitors plenty of shade when they want it. The Great House has great views of these areas and is the perfect backdrop for a day at the beach. 

The various, dazzling areas of Castle Hill are all a part of a place that is rich with both manmade and natural beauty. The scenery is often used for weddings because of the dramatic and romantic look of the house and the scenery. It is also open to visitors who want to walk its grounds and spend time in its many picturesque spaces. 

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