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Located on the eastern shore of Boston Bay, Lynn is a city in central Massachusetts. The city is home to a diverse population that has been growing for generations. The city’s immigrant population increased from about 9,800 in 1885 to more than 29,500 in 1915, making it nearly one-third of the total population. The city is also home to a large number of Russian and Polish born Jews, who formed Congregation Anshai Sfard in 1888. The area also has a large number of Catholic churches catering to different ethnic groups, including St. Jean Baptiste parish in 1886, which had a high school and grammar school. Additional info.

The city is known for its many historical events, including the 1890 fire that destroyed seventeen buildings in downtown Lynn. In the aftermath of the fire, the city celebrates by building the Lynn Vietnam War Monument on North Common Street and the Taylor Caldwell Bust on Michigan Ave. The Pine Grove Cemetery is also established on Boston Street. In addition, the city is home to the Winnepurkit Tribal Monument and the Lynn War Memorial. During the 19th century, the city has several thriving businesses. Next post here.

Between 1990 and 2013, Lynn’s median household income was $44,849. The city had a poor population, with 21.0% of residents living below the federal poverty level. In 1990, there were 2,993 Asians in Lynn; however, the population increased to 5,730 in 2000. This made Lynn one of the top ten Asian cities in the state. In 2000, the city’s ethnicity was comprised of 3,050 Cambodians, 1,112 Vietnamese, and 353 Indians. The Vietnamese and Indian populations increased by 192 and 264% respectively, in this time.



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