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Beverly MA Neighborhood: A Guide to Essex MA

The City of Beverly is located at the westernmost tip of Essex County and encompasses an area of nearly 25 square miles. One of the most affluent areas in the state of Massachusetts, the city enjoys an excellent quality of life, and ranks as the 13th most affluent place in the country, per the U.S. Census Bureau. Home to over 20,000 residents, the city’s wide variety of housing options include single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, and apartments. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about living in Beverly, from neighborhoods to schools, and shopping to entertainment venues.

What to Expect in Beverly, MA

With a population of nearly 22,000, Beverly is a small town that boasts a big city feel. With the highest concentration of wealth in the state of Massachusetts, the city has many luxury homes and apartment buildings, along with a wide variety of public and private schools. The downtown area offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and cultural venues. The city’s most popular attraction is the Beverly Arts Center, which hosts over 100 events annually, including musical performances, art shows, film screenings, and other community events. The city is also home to the Essex Bluffs, a popular outdoor destination that offers breathtaking views of the Boston skyline. Next article here.

Where is the Best Place to Live in Beverly?

For those who are interested in living near the city’s main attractions and public parks, including St. Mary’s Park and Beverly Beach, there are a number of neighborhoods in the middle part of town, such as Hillcrest and Beverly Hills. For those who want to be close to public transportation, public housing options are in the north end of town, with public transportation connecting residents to downtown and the Seacoast. For those who are interested in affordable housing, the city has a number of low-income housing options.

Which Neighborhood Should You Live in?

For those who are looking to live in a quieter neighborhood, the city’s northern end is a great option, with a number of parks, including St. Mary’s Park and Beverly Beach, both of which offer beautiful views of the city skyline. The southern part of the city is a popular area for those who want to be near the city’s shops and restaurants. The western side of the city is another popular area for those looking for living near parks, with Franklin Park and Fairmount Park both offering beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities. Learn more information here.

Shops and Markets in Beverly, MA

In addition to the Beverly Arts Center and two big box stores, there are a handful of unique shops in the city, from a vintage shop to an artisanal cheese shop. There are also several farmers’ markets throughout the city, offering a wide variety of locally grown produce.

Restaurants in Beverly, MA

A popular option for those looking for a more upscale dining experience is the Strip Ln., which boasts a variety of restaurants, including Piazza Italia, a bustling Italian spot, and the Barroom, a neighborhood spot known for its beer and classic American fare. Those looking for a more casual experience can enjoy a burger and fries at Ocean Pub, or a seafood dinner at the Bluff Oyster House. Those who prefer more vegetarian or vegan options can enjoy a veggie burger at Veggie Grill, or Mediterranean food at Kaidu.

Bars and Nightlife in Beverly, MA

The city is home to the Strip Ln., a vibrant strip of restaurants and bars that is a popular gathering spot for the city’s residents, with entertainment ranging from live music to comedy shows. In addition to the Strip Ln., the city is also home to a handful of pubs, including The Bluff Oyster House, which has been awarded the title of Best Dive Bar in the State of Massachusetts, and the Ocean Pub, a beloved classic.


Beverly is an excellent place to call home, with a wealth of cultural and dining options and a diverse array of housing options. This small city is home to a large number of affluent residents, along with a low cost of living. If you are interested in moving to Beverly, you should expect a warm and welcoming community, as well as excellent educational options and a low cost of living.

There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Beverly, MA. We compiled a quick list here.

 Point Of Interest #1 Dane Street Beach, Beverly, MA 01915

Point Of Interest #2 The Cabot, 286 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

Point Of Interest #3 Beverly Golf & Tennis Club, 134 McKay St, Beverly, MA 01915

Point Of Interest #4 Beverly Commons Conservation Area, Greenwood Ave, Beverly, MA 01915

Point Of Interest #5 Colgate Park, Corner of &, Colgate Rd & Radcliffe Rd, Beverly, MA 01915


Start: Beverly
Massachusetts, USA

Follow East Dr and Balch St to Cabot St

3 min (0.5 mi)

Head north toward Balch St

0.3 mi

Turn right to stay on East Dr

0.1 mi

Turn right toward Balch St

72 ft

Turn right onto Balch St

0.1 mi

Take MA-1A N and Highland St to Depot Square in Ipswich

19 min (9.5 mi)

Turn left onto Cabot St

0.8 mi

Slight right onto Dodge St

 Pass by People’s United Bank (on the right in 0.4 mi)

0.9 mi

Continue onto MA-1A N/Enon St

 Continue to follow MA-1A N

1.6 mi

Turn left onto Arbor St

0.6 mi

Continue onto Highland St

3.7 mi

Continue onto Mill Rd

0.7 mi

Turn right onto Topsfield Rd

1.2 mi

Continue onto Market St

371 ft

Continue on Depot Square. Drive to Washington St

22 s (476 ft)

Turn left onto Depot Square

407 ft

Turn left onto Washington St

69 ft

End: Ipswich
Massachusetts, USA


Start: Mayer Tree Service
9 Scott’s Way, Essex, MA 01929, United States

Take Scott’s Wy to MA-22 S

1 min (0.2 mi)

Head southwest toward Scott’s Way

118 ft

Turn left onto Scott’s Way

0.2 mi

Continue on MA-22 S to Wenham

6 min (3.1 mi)

Turn right onto MA-22 S

1.9 mi

Continue straight onto Essex St

0.8 mi

Continue onto Larch Row

0.4 mi

Continue to Beverly

4 min (2.0 mi)

Turn left onto Dodges Row

0.7 mi

Continue onto Dodge St

1.3 mi

Continue on Dodge St to Colgate Rd

4 min (1.3 mi)

Turn left to stay on Dodge St

0.9 mi

Slight right onto County Way

0.1 mi

Turn left onto McKay St

0.2 mi

Turn right onto Colgate Rd

1 min (0.4 mi)

End: Colgate Park
Corner of &, Colgate Rd & Radcliffe Rd, Beverly, MA 01915, United States

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