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What is emergency tree service

Many homeowners in the American Northeast are likely to be hit by a major snowstorm any time between now and February. So, as you’re already planning ahead for the coming winter, do not forget about your trees this time around. After all, they are your home’s biggest natural guardians! That being said, many of our neighbors have little or no experience dealing with emergency tree service. That is why we have listed down everything you need to know right now. Additional information.


What Is An Emergency Tree Service?

A winter emergency tree service is just what it sounds like: a service that is performed during a winter emergency. You can think of this as a “crisis tree service.” Other than being available for emergency situations, emergency tree services are generally available for any time of the year. They are utilized when there is a lack of coverage in your area, because of snowstorms and other weather-related emergencies. Why might you want to use this service? A natural disaster, such as a winter storm, can wreak havoc on your landscape. If you have a tree that is ready to be trimmed, but cannot get to it due to the snow, then a winter emergency tree service is a great solution. You can have a crew come out to your property and get to the tree without worrying about damaging the yard.


How Is An Emergency Tree Service Different From A Standard Tree Service?

If you have ever hired a standard tree service, then you know that they are available year-round. Indeed, standard tree services are available all year long. However, emergency services are only available during winter, spring, or fall. The main difference between an emergency tree service and a standard tree service is that the former is only available during winter. In fact, most standard tree services will not even see the light of day during the summer. Emergency services will be able to get to your tree, but they will not be able to do any work on your lawn, shrubs, or other plants. They can remove the branches, but they cannot trim any of the leaves.


Pros And Cons Of An Emergency Tree Service

When you are dealing with a winter emergency, it is critical that you get your trees serviced as soon as possible. This is why you need to contact a winter emergency tree service right now. The main upside to utilizing an emergency tree service is that they will be able to get to your tree as soon as possible. This is because they are traveling to your property in a hurry, so they are not taking any time off. The downside to using an emergency service is that they may not have enough experience to get the job done correctly. As a result, you may have to deal with some damage to your trees. Our next great article.


Who Can Perform Emergency Tree Services?

Emergency tree services can be performed by any company that holds a valid permit. These companies must keep records of their permit, and they must also abide by all local and regional codes.



Winter storms and other weather-related emergencies are a common cause of a need for emergency tree services. This article will help you to identify when it is appropriate to call one of these services. If you live in the Northeast, you will likely be hit by a major winter storm any time between now and February. Therefore, it is important that you plan ahead for the coming winter storm. This means that you should also make preparations for any winter emergencies that may occur. Whether you are looking for emergency tree service options in the Northeast or in any other part of the country, you will find helpful articles and resources at

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