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Roads, Transit and Major Highways in Essex, MA

In the United States, most roadways have a single legal speed limit: 55 miles per hour (mph). That said, there are many roads where it’s safe to go faster than that. In some cases, a higher speed may even be safer. Let’s take a look at some of the best stretches of road in Essex County, Massachusetts and why they’re so great for driving fast.

Mass Pike

The Massachusetts Turnpike snakes its way across the state, and one section of it is great for speeding. From the south end of the Pike in South Natick, head north toward Milford. Then, pull off onto the shoulder of the road and climb onto the median. From there, you can zip along at 80 mph without worrying about getting hassled by police. Just north of the Natick/Worcester line, the Mass Pike becomes a toll road. Still, that doesn’t stop you from getting on the shoulder of the highway and zooming along until you reach the toll plaza.

Route 18

This stretch of road in Massachusetts is a beauty. It’s a curvy two-lane road that hugs the coastline from Rehoboth to the Hampton border in Vermont. There are coastal towns, charming inns and a stretch of road that’s great for driving fast. Head west out of Rehoboth on Route 18. You’ll pass through several small towns as you travel through the coastal region of Massachusetts. There are also a few spots along this road where you can pull off to the side of the highway to zip along at 70 mph. You can find those spots by following the signs that say “road closed ahead due to erosion.” Our next article about Essex is here.

Old Boston Post Road (Route 30)

This stretch of road in Massachusetts is an example of a road that’s getting a serious upgrade. Construction crews are building a new sewer line, widening the road and adding a dedicated bike path. This all sounds great for the future, but it’s also great for modern-day drivers. The dedicated bike path on Route 30 is wide enough for people riding bikes to go faster than cars, which makes it perfect for anyone who likes to drive at high speeds. The road begins at a traffic light at the intersection of Route 138 in Essex. From there, it takes you west along the coastline and eventually into Rhode Island. This road is also great for going fast because it stays in a straight line. More information here.

Route 7A

This stretch of road in Essex County is a good example of why it’s important to buckle up when you’re driving. This stretch of Route 7A starts with a short stretch of road that has a speed limit of 25 mph. From there, it quickly becomes a deadly highway. It’s a two-lane road with a 30 mph speed limit. The road is mostly straight, so the temptation to go faster than you should is strong. You can’t go much faster than 70 mph on this road, but it can still be a terrifying experience. It’s important to remember that even if you’re going slower than you should when you’re on this road, you’re still safer than if you’re in a car that’s going too fast.

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