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Always make proper pruning cuts. It gives the plant the best chance to close the wound. More importantly, it separates the pros from the posers.

Pruning decision process

All pruning options should be discussed to be sure you know what the results will be. Again, coming up withthe right plan for your trees and shrubs requires discussing a number offactors.


In New England, this is specific to certain types of shrubs. For example; forsythia, lilac, privet, mountain laurel, inkberry, and a few others. This is very timing-specific and is to be done in March or early April. The idea is to cut down the older larger stalks to 1-2 inches stubs above the ground to encourage sprouting. (This is the only time when leaving stubs is OK.) By doing this work in the late winter and early spring you capture all the energy of the new growth. In most cases, it is good to cut down a few larger stalks to the ground each year. The goal is to have an equal mix of smaller shoots, medium-sized branches, and larger stems. However, you can also cut down entire large shrubs or hedge rows completely.

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