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Salem Wax Museum

The Salem Wax Museum is a small, compact museum filled with life-size figures from the area’s history. It is located at 288 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970. It also offers a souvenir shop. The museum is free and open to the public. A visit is well worth it. You’ll love the life-size figures, as well as the local characters.

The Salem Wax Museum offers a three-dimensional look into life in the 17th century. The museum is filled with lifelike wax figures, furniture, and equipment from that time period. You’ll also find exhibits depicting the infamous witch trials and executions. You can tour the museum with a guide, or take a themed haunted house adventure. After the haunting tour, you can purchase a souvenir or two.

The Phillips House is another historic landmark in Salem. This home was purchased in 1911 by Stephen Phillips, a self-made maritime millionaire. You can tour this historic estate and take in a film about its history. You can also take a tour of Salem’s Old Town Hall.

While you’re in town, don’t miss the Salem Wax Museum, which was founded over two decades ago. Located close to the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, the museum features lifelike wax figures of many notable Salem figures, including pirates from New England, a merciless judge from the witch trials, and a ‘witch’ accused of committing adultery. The museum is also family-owned and operated and offers discounts to AAA members. Discover more great information.

The Salem Witch Village is also close to the Salem Wax Museum. This unique museum offers interactive exhibits based on historical figures from the town. The museum also offers a life-size replica of the town’s jail cell. It also features souvenirs from New England maritime life. There are also tours of the Salem Witch Village and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial.

The Salem Wax Museum also hosts a Haunted Neighborhood, which has a great voice. While you’re at the Salem Wax Museum, be sure to take some time to check out the gift shop. The store also offers horseback riding, which is an exciting way to experience the area’s countryside. Beginners can even take a horseback riding class at a local farm. More here.

The Salem Wax Museum is a fun way to learn about local history. You’ll find wax figures depicting scenes from the famous witch trials as well as maritime history. For a more in-depth look at Salem’s history, you can also visit the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, where you can read up on the events of the trial.

The Salem Witch Museum is one of the most popular attractions in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s located near Washington Square and features two exhibits. One exhibit is a full-size stage set, which contains figures, lighting, and narration. The other exhibit explores the evolution of the witch stereotype throughout history.



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