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POINT OF INTEREST NAME - Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial

Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial

Located on South Stacy Boulevard, near the Stacy Esplanade in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the historic Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial is a poignant tribute to the fishermen who perished while fishing in the harbor. Designed by Leonard Craske, the memorial was completed in 1925 and honors the 75 fishing families from Gloucester. This article explores changes in the monument over the years and what we can expect next.

Leonard Craske’s Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial

A historic memorial, the Gloucester Fishman’s Memorial is located near the Stacy Esplanade on South Stacy Boulevard. The memorial was built in 1925 and features an array of paintings and photographs depicting Gloucester’s fishing industry. Today, it serves as a fitting reminder of the Gloucester fishermen’s sacrifice. Although it’s not in the city’s historic district, it is still well worth a visit. Learn more about Gloucester here.

Andrea Gail fishing trawler

In late October 1991, the Andrea Gail, a small fishing trawler from Gloucester, set sail for the waters of Newfoundland. The crew hoped to fill her hold with swordfish before returning within a month. Unfortunately, they encountered a storm dubbed “The Perfect Storm,” which swept her off course. The Andrea Gail’s crew of six men and women hoped to return home quickly with a decent catch to put in their pockets.

Cape Ann Museum’s commemoration of 75 local fishing families

The people of Cape Ann have been linked to the sea throughout history. The fishing industry has supported waves of immigrants, and many innovations have been associated with fish. The fishing industry has also shaped the collective identity of the area, including art, music, architecture, and religious traditions. The fishing industry has profoundly shaped the character of Cape Ann. There are several things you should know about Gloucester’s fishing industry, from its history to its current status. Great information here.

Changes to the memorial over time

The Gloucester Fisherman’s Memorial, also known as the “Man at the Wheel” statue and the Fishermen’s Cenotaph, is a historic memorial to fishermen who died on the Gloucester waterfront. It was erected in 1925 as part of an artistic competition to mark the 300th anniversary of Gloucester. In the process of building it, the town changed several times. In recent years, some of these changes have been incorporated into the memorial.

Historical significance

The Gloucester Fishermen’s Memorial stands just outside the city limits on the waterfront. Standing eight feet high and with a five-foot base, it features a statue of a woman facing the sea, with two children on either side. Throughout the years, many fishermen have lost their lives, and the memorial honors the men and women who lost them. The historical significance of the memorial can be understood by understanding its role in Gloucester’s fishing history.


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