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POINT OF INTEREST NAME - Eastern Point Lighthouse

If you’re planning a trip to Cape Ann, Massachusetts, you must definitely check out Eastern Point Lighthouse. Its quaint harbor has been supporting the activities of whalers, traders, and fishermen for centuries. In fact, it’s considered one of the oldest seaports in the country. Today, you can visit this historic lighthouse to learn more about its history and architecture. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to head back to the harbor for some great seafood and shopping.

The lighthouse was originally built in 1832, but it wasn’t until the arrival of the railroad that fishing activity exploded. The lighthouse’s first light tower was built poorly and was replaced by a new one in 1848. The lighthouse was also home to the American painter Winslow Homer, who was so enchanted by the coastal community that he decided to spend part of his life living in the area. In 1880, a third tower was built on top of the original masonry foundation. This tower contains 11 whale oil lamps and fifteen-inch reflectors. The new lighthouse was placed in service on November 3, 1848. More information.

You can also explore the historic town of Gloucester. The town was once a shipbuilding center, and the Eastern Point Lighthouse was built in 1832 to mark the port. The lighthouse is a historic symbol of the town and it was used as a landmark to guide ships. In 1879, 249 Gloucester fishermen died at sea. There are also several other lighthouses in the area. This is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

The Eastern Point Lighthouse was rebuilt in 1848 and named the “ruby light” because of the brilliant red color of the light. It was made of French red plate glass, 11 whale oil lamps, and reflectors. It was erected on the foundation of the old tower built in 1832. Between 1894 and 1905, the city built a breakwater and another lighthouse at the end. The lightkeeper was responsible for both lighthouses. More.

The historic Eastern Point Lighthouse is the oldest seaport in the United States. It was first lit on January 1, 1832. In the late nineteenth century, it was completely rebuilt. The lighthouse has three brick conical towers and a two-story keeper’s quarters. The Eastern Point Lighthouse is over Mean High Water and visible to ships sailing through the harbor. And it remains active and vital today! When visiting Eastern Point Lighthouse Gloucester, make sure to check out the lighthouse and explore its history.

Annisquam Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1801. The river connecting the Ipswich Bay and Gloucester Harbor was used by Native Americans for summer encampments. The wooden frame of the lighthouse was replaced with a brick tower with a 45-foot focal plane. The lighthouse is maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard and can be viewed from the village of Annisquam in Gloucester.


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