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Located in Essex County is the island of Allen Rock. Although Allen Rock is only a very small island that is situated about two miles away from the town of Salisbury, the attraction brings many excited visitors to Massachusetts. 

If you’re looking to visit Allen Rock, you can expect there to be many beautiful sites to see, as Salisbury is known for its beautiful and quaint beaches, which have boardwalks, diners, music areas, and more. One of the best things about Allen Rock is its proximity to other attractions, so if you’re spending a day looking at the natural sites at Allen Rock, you can visit other areas around Massachusetts, too. Find out more here.

For example, there are many bodies of water that are situated around Allen Rock. Most notably, Allen Creek is right by Allen Rock, but you can also find Shad Creek, Fox Island Creek, the Merrimack River, the Morrill Creek, the Black Rock Creek, the Little River, the Dead Creek, the Plumbush Creek, and more. Another great place to visit.

Because there are many bodies of water near Allen Rock, there are also many other islands around Allen Rock, too. To name a few, there is Badgers Rock, Lunt Rock, Plum Island, Woodbridge Island, Trues Island, Chaces Island, Gangway Rock, and more. Because there is such a high saturation of islands around Allen Rock, this area is perfect for traveling from island to island via boat or ferry. 

For travelers who are looking to see the natural landscape of Massachusetts, visiting Allen Rock is the perfect spot. You’ll be captivated by the land and water in Massachusetts, if you visit Allen Rock. 


Allen Rock
Salisbury, MA 01952

Head northwest on Hayes St toward Washington St

1 min (0.3 mi)

Take US-1 S to Central St in Rowley

16 min (9.1 mi)

Turn left onto Central St

4 min (2.1 mi)

Follow MA-1A S and MA-133 E to Candlewood Rd in Ipswich

12 min (5.8 mi)

Take Sagamore St to MA-22 N in Hamilton

6 min (2.8 mi)

Turn left onto MA-22 N

40 sec (0.3 mi)

Continue on Scott’s Wy to your destination

1 min (0.2 mi)

Mayer Tree Service
9 Scott’s Wy, Essex, MA 01929


Allen Rock
Salisbury, MA 01952

Get on I-495 S in Amesbury from Beach Rd and MA-110 W

13 min (5.2 mi)

Follow I-495 S to Marston St in Lawrence. Take exit 103B-A from I-495 S

15 min (17.0 mi)

Follow Marston St and Canal St to Essex St

5 min (1.4 mi)


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