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Manchester Historical Museum

The Manchester Historical Museum located at 10 Union St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944, has a long history of preserving the town’s history and fostering a sense of pride for the community. In addition to collecting and preserving artifacts, the museum also offers research facilities and educational programs. As a part of the history of the town, the museum houses a library and displays a collection of artifacts and historical records.

The town is known for its beautiful beaches and picturesque bayside neighborhoods. Travelling along Route 127 will take you past tiny fishing villages and quaint seaside neighborhoods and boatyards. You’ll find spectacular water views as you drive through the Misery Islands, two islands located in the harbor. Great Misery Island is a massive island, while Little is only four acres. The misery islands once housed a luxurious resort. Check out The Beauport to learn more about Glouchester.

The Trask House Museum is a wonderful example of early American life. It is housed in an old schoolhouse and contains a wonderful collection of antique toys, mid-19th century furniture, and fine arts. You can spend a day learning about the history of the town as you enjoy the view. Make sure to visit the Essex School House while you’re in town because it used to have a bell cupola. More can be found here.

Coolidge Reservation is a popular park with unobstructed ocean views. There are also two-mile trails around the property, though parking may be limited. For families, Masconomo Park has a playground and a baseball field. You can relax on a bench while enjoying the view of the city’s harbor. There’s a lot to do in Manchester-by-the-Sea, so don’t miss this unique town.

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