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Essex County, Massachusetts

Essex is a small town in coastal Essex County, Massachusetts, United States. Located 26 miles north of Boston and 13 miles south of Newburyport, Essex is known for its historic role as a shipbuilding center. The town’s population was 3,675 at the 2020 census. Residents can enjoy a wide range of recreational opportunities in Essex.

The town’s waterfront offers opportunities for outdoor recreation, including clam digging, boat tours, and kayak adventures. Visitors can also enjoy great seafood and other local fare. The town is also known for its antique shops. The center of town is home to over 35 antique shops, and the waterfront has a variety of shops. Another great article.

The town of Essex’s rich history includes maritime activity and the growth of the textile industry in the nineteenth century. The area has been designated a National Heritage Area by the National Park Service. There are also numerous museums and libraries in Essex. Walnut Square Elementary School, which is noted for its history and clocktower, is located within the town.

Essex is located in Essex County, Massachusetts, 26 miles north of Boston. The town’s population is estimated to be 1,527 by the 2022 census. Its population is expected to increase by just 0.33% annually. The poverty rate is 9.42%, while the median household income is $126,180. The median house value is $560,100. The median age of residents is 47.3 years, with males being slightly older. Find more information here.

The majority of residents in Essex, MA do not have health insurance. The state ranks fifth in terms of uninsured individuals, but the numbers are increasing. In Essex, MA, males have more than twice the average income as females, and females earn $69,870 on average. Personal health care spending in Massachusetts has increased by 2.78% between 2013 and 2014.

The town of Essex, MA has a population of approximately 1.7k residents. One hundred percent of the population is a citizen of the United States, while 1.24% of residents were born outside of the country. The highest percentage of residents of Essex, MA are White (Non-Hispanic). The next largest ethnic group is Black or African American (Non-Hispanic).

The oldest brick house in Essex, Massachusetts, was built by John Proctor before the Revolutionary War. He and Courtney built many vessels together. Parkhurst sold the house to Moses Knowlton in 1830, and his descendants sold it to him again. Parkhurst was said to have purchased the house for sentimental reasons. Knowlton was a promoter and personal financer, and accepted pickled clams as collateral. The town’s history of probate banking begins with him.

For travelers, there are several ways to get around Essex, MA. A regional airport serves the city. The nearest commercial airport is Boston’s Logan Airport. You can also take the MBTA to your destination. The MBTA has two lines in Essex, the Newburyport Line and Haverhill Line. You can also take taxis and Uber.

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Point of Interest #2 Marshalls, 1005 Paradise Rd, Swampscott, MA 01907

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